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June 2015

Sarah Todd visits Sri Lanka

By Client news

We’re hugely proud of the fact that Guzman Y Gomez came on board as our founding client. They’re passionate, authentic and fun people, which fits well with how we see ourselves, plus they’re growing fast, have big ambitions and are disruptive. More recently we’ve started working with Dilmah Tea and have sent Masterchef’s Sarah Todd to Colombo in Sri Lanka to explore the tea plantations, see the great work that Dilmah does with the local community and experience ‘Dilmah Global Real High Tea Challenge’ at which teams from the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney, Qantas Lounges, Tea Room at the National Gallery of Victoria and Stamford Plaza Brisbane competed against the best from around the world in July.

Behind the eyes – the story of our logo

By Food for thought

Deciding on a name for an agency is like naming a baby. You create lists. You look at what else is popular because you want to be unique, check the initials don’t spell something funny and see what it rhymes with to try and prevent any playground bullying. As with all great businesses, the name was decided on a cliche by writing down our preferred choice on a napkin in a pub over a couple of beers. The napkin’s since disintegrated but the picture’s up on Insta.

Even our logo design has a story. The dots beneath the M represent eyes, as it’s what we see in people’s eyes that make them human. The font for the logo is the same as the one used on the London Underground logo and having both been brought up and started our careers in London, it felt right. We even use Royal Blue and Royal Red from the Union Jack in some iterations of the logo.

Hello from Poem – it’s been emotional.

By Poem news

After six months of cafe meetings, schooners, accountants, lawyers, bank managers, agency names on beer mats, domain registrations, email servers, web and logo designs, brand positioning, ten rounds of credentials and chats with friends, family and peers throughout, we’ve finally done it. Poem is a thing. And it feels great. The reaction we’ve had from the industry’s been heart warming and genuinely the feeling of coming into work each day is immensely exciting and refreshing. Here’s the first trade media article we had in Mumbrella about the launch.

Special thanks to a few people below who deserve credit for their outstanding work in bringing the Poem website and logo to life:

Jason Ierace for the amazing photography on the website. We’re still waiting to be included within his next fashion and beauty portfolio.
Pimm Van Nunen for our logo
James McIntosh for the quick turn around on a great looking site – he also does great video content if you’re looking

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