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Behind the eyes – the story of our logo

By June 3, 2015January 5th, 2018Food for thought

Deciding on a name for an agency is like naming a baby. You create lists. You look at what else is popular because you want to be unique, check the initials don’t spell something funny and see what it rhymes with to try and prevent any playground bullying. As with all great businesses, the name was decided on a cliche by writing down our preferred choice on a napkin in a pub over a couple of beers. The napkin’s since disintegrated but the picture’s up on Insta.

Even our logo design has a story. The dots beneath the M represent eyes, as it’s what we see in people’s eyes that make them human. The font for the logo is the same as the one used on the London Underground logo and having both been brought up and started our careers in London, it felt right. We even use Royal Blue and Royal Red from the Union Jack in some iterations of the logo.

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